Biotechnology Fund

The Herndon Biotechnology Fund is an investment vehicle designed to capitalize on the enormous gains that have been made in regenerative medicine over the past three decades. Advances in the understanding of the fundamental causes of aging have opened the door for therapeutic treatments that significantly reduce or delay the onset of age-related infirmity in otherwise healthy individuals. This fund will pull together the disparate areas of research into a unified entity that brings broadly-based solutions to the marketplace.

* Extraordinary Upside Potential for Investors

* The Opportunity to Improve the Quality of Life for Nearly Every Person

* Huge Societal Benefits

* Trillion dollar + Annual Revenue Potential When Fully Realized

Operational Details

The fund will have two primary investment vehicles. The first is a capital acquisition fund that will deploy assets to buy companies or technologies that are relevant to the overall project. The primary objective will be to secure an intellectual property moat, while bringing in-house top class researchers who will be the bedrock of the greater project.

The second investment vehicle will a central fund used to back and promote companies that are doing work on practical regenerative therapies. These investments could be made into companies already in our portfolio, or to outside entities that are in the early or start-up stages but whose work shows potential to make meaningful contributions to our core project.

Capital Allocation

Initially, 75% of raised capital will be deployed for the acquisition track, with the remaining 25% reserved for equity investments in outside entities.