Corporate Citizenship

Herndon Funds is committed to being a force for good, both in the communities we serve and the world as a whole. We believe that it’s the duty of companies to help support the societies that enable them to flourish.

Environmental Awareness

Protection of the environment is one of the core principles of Herndon’s corporate philosophy. We consider the impact of our actions from everyday activities all the way through planning for billion dollar investments. In our offices, careful attention is paid to recycling and reusing as much of our waste stream as current technology permits. Environmental considerations are taken into account prior to the acquisition of supplies, furniture and electronics with an eye to their disposal once their useful life is over. When evaluating investments, Herndon seeks to avoid those that would entail the destruction of virgin land. Each acre of land that is developed is one that is unlikely to return to a natural state, which is why Herndon prefers projects that redevelop existing parcels. In cases where the use of virgin land is unavoidable, every step is taken to ensure that the native environment is minimally disturbed. We actively seek out and try to work with local groups to incorporate their perspectives in our site planning.

Giving Back

Every community we serve is more than just a location, it’s also where we live. Improving the lives of our fellow citizens is as important as safeguarding the environment- we see the two as indivisible. Our employees are encouraged to volunteer, and we have a program that allows them to do so using work hours. Getting into the community in this fashion gives Herndon an intrinsic understanding of the challenges facing our neighbors, which then permits the company to deploy its financial assets in a manner that will have a tangible, local impact.