Private Equity

Herndon Funds is constantly searching for the next great company. Innovations that could change the world are being created every day, and providing funding for these ideas is a critical part of our operations. First and foremost, we look for strong founders who have a sense of vision and purpose coupled with a clearly articulated plan for their business. We then evaluate the concept and business model on their merits, and pinpoint areas where we can provide expertise to assist the young company through the process of ramping up.

Although we are open to pitches from every corner of the business landscape, we do have a preference for the medical, biotechnology and software sectors. Herndon Funds will consider seed, early-stage and later round investments on a case-by-case basis.

Our work is about more than just creating wealth however. Our venture capital arm enables people with vision and purpose to reach their full potential. Nurturing dreams and ideas has significant benefits for society as a whole, even when the exercise isn’t an economic success. We want a world where innovation is encouraged, and the best way to follow through on that belief is to put our money to work supporting great people.

Starting companies isn’t the only way to we like to invest. Herndon Funds is also very interested in acquiring companies that have strong management currently in place. A history of revenue growth and innovation are also key factors in our decisions, as are the prospects for the business’s sector as a whole.

In selecting acquisitions, we look for organizations that place an emphasis on quality. This is both a practical and philosophical position for Herndon. On the practical side, products and services that serve the higher end of the market typically command better margins than those at the other end of the spectrum. Philosophically, we feel that groups engaged in providing high quality product will be more emotionally invested in their work. Pride at being associated with excellence is a great motivator, and this should inspire employees to keep striving for the very best outcomes.