Technology Fund

The Herndon Technology Fund is designed to locate the next great tech business. We seek to invest in companies who bring a new and exciting take on established sectors, or those who invent new sectors entirely.

Creativity is the greatest resource that mankind has at its disposal. One hundred years ago it would have been impossible to conceive of the marvels we have today, and each and every one of those marvels was a life-changing financial opportunity for those wise enough to recognize the potential. A century ago you'd have gotten laughed out of the room if you proposed building the simplest of computers, but who's laughing now?

We are more than happy to meet with innovators at all stages of the creative process. Truly great companies have been born in garages around the world, and the early money gets rewarded. Herndon will invest from seed stage through series rounds, with investment criteria reflecting a balance between the idea itself and the team assembled to turn that idea into a successful business.