Herndon Technology Fund

Our technology fund is focused on investing across the entire business life cycle, from seed capital through mezzanine and series rounds, ending with either an IPO or private sale at the most advantageous exit point.

Common characteristics of companies that attract our investments are strong and committed leadership, innovative technology that provides a tangible competitive advantage, and a well-defined pathway to a clearly defined goal.

Our investment philosophy is grounded in patience.  Even though technology is advancing at an ever-increasing rate, building a strong business requires the same foundation that it did 100 years ago.  Rushing to market with an unready product can doom a company, which is why we allow our portfolio partners the time they need to make sure they are prepared for the big stage.  Herndon provides expertise in accounting, staffing, logistics, production and other business fundamentals, so our founders are free to concentrate on perfecting their innovations.

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