The last forty years have seen scores of technology companies start in garages and end up on the Fortune 500 list. The Herndon Technology Fund is looking for the next generation of innovators who will the titans of the future. It’s impossible to know exactly where inspiration will strike, but we do have a few areas that we think are ripe for development.

We live in a connected world already, and it’s only going to become more tightly bound over the coming decades. Currently, the Internet of Things is still developing, and the lack of a Lingua Franca for electronic devices is holding back the industry. A founder with a bold vision for creating unifying technology for devices will find a willing audience at Herndon.

Big Data is another area we’re considering for investment. Everyone is collecting information these days, but much of it sits unused or under-utilized in the possession of individual companies. Herndon is looking to build bridges between these disparate data sets so they can be employed to their full potential. Our ideal partner will have new ideas on how to collect and analyze data that will enable nearly real time application. This should be coupled with an eye to effective ways of monetizing the