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Herndon Funds is a leading family of funds dedicated to creating wealth for our investors while building companies that improve the lives of citizens around the globe.
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Herndon Fund Family
The Herndon Fund Family is composed of six funds that target a broad swathe of investment strategies. Their focuses range from venture capital in technology and biotechnology to more traditional offerings in real property, private equity and asset-backed lending.

One of the media narratives about the job market is that workers are rebelling against returning to traditional 9-5, in the office schedule. It’s not surprising that naturally introverted people thrived working at home, and companies could benefit from accommodating them.

After briefly falling below $30k, Bitcoin prices have rebounded sharply as investors take advantage of the opportunity to purchase nothing at a discount. Who would want to miss a chance to only pay $29,000 more than it’s actually worth? Or is it worth it?

We’re often frustrated by politics these days, but we will say that We’re impressed by the negotiations over the infrastructure bill in the Senate. Members from both parties are doing things the old-fashioned way, and frankly it’s a relief to see.

The surge in inflation has many sources, but pent up savings from the pandemic is right there at the top. After 14 months of no travel, dining out or other entertainment expenses, Americans are feeling uncharacteristically flush. And since we’re not Germans, we aren’t saving!

Total Return Fund
The Total Return Fund is a balanced mixture of all funds in the Herndon Family, providing investors with a one-stop opportunity to benefit from the various underlying fund strategies.
Private Equity Fund
Our private equity fund locates and acquires businesses that currently generate strong cash flow as well as those companies on the cusp of the transition from their growth phase to seeing returns on previous capital investment.
Technology Fund
The Herndon Technology Fund is designed to locate the next great tech business. We seek to invest in companies who bring a new and exciting take on established sectors, or those who invent new sectors entirely.
Biotechnology Fund
We believe that biotechnology is going to be the boom sector during the middle portion of the 21st Century. Our Biotechnology Fund is designed to locate and develop companies with the most-promising therapies in this wide-open field.
Real Property Fund
The historical durability of real property as an investment is at the core of this fund, which buys or builds quality properties in regions experiencing strong economic growth.
Blended Fund
A well hedged investment opportunity that blends a reliable asset-backed lending portfolio with investments in developing technology companies.