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Herndon currently has 6 actively managed funds that target a broad range of investment strategies. The funds focus on venture capital in technology and biotechnology to more traditional offerings in real property, private equity, and asset-backed lending.

The FOMC indicated that March will see the start of rate increases, just as QE winds up. The greater concern for the street is the start of QT, which should begin in some form this summer. Our current economy was built around lakes of easy money, tightening is scary for many!

Another whipsaw day Tuesday on Wall Street as investors await the FOMC announcement and press conference this afternoon. Rate increases and the prospect of (gasp) actually having civilians buy treasuries instead of the Fed has stoked market turmoil.

The Dow was down 1000 points yesterday when someone cued up the Rocky theme and the markets came roaring back to finish the day in positive territory. It sure looks like dip-buying rather than anything that will stick, since there hasn’t been any change in the macro environment.

The January FOMC meeting this week will be eagerly watched for guidance on rate increases as well plans for unwinding the Fed’s nearly $9 trillion balance sheet. Unwinding will be no mean feat, that balance sheet would be the third largest economy in the world.

Total Return Fund
The Total Return Fund is a balanced mixture of all funds in the Herndon Family, providing investors with a one-stop opportunity to benefit from the various underlying fund strategies.
Private Equity Fund
Our Private Equity Fund locates and acquires businesses that currently generate strong cash flow as well as those companies on the cusp of the transition from their growth phase to seeing returns on previous capital investment.
Technology Fund
The Herndon Technology Fund is designed to locate the next great tech business. We seek to invest in companies who bring a new and exciting take on established sectors, or those who invent new sectors entirely.
Biotechnology Fund
We believe that biotechnology is going to be the boom sector during the middle portion of the 21st Century. Our Biotechnology Fund is designed to locate and develop companies with the most-promising therapies in this wide-open field.
Real Property Fund
The historical durability of real property as an investment is at the core of this fund, which buys or builds quality properties in regions experiencing strong economic growth.
Blended Fund
A well hedged investment opportunity that blends a reliable asset-backed lending portfolio with investments in developing technology companies.